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Huts and Bothies - the new Scottish Building Standard

huts and bothies

The Reforesting Scotland "Thousand Huts campaign" achieved its first great success when "Huts and hutting" were officially endorsed by the Scottish Government in the highest tier of Scottish Planning Policy in 2014. This has lead to a huge upsurge of interest in the provision of small scale, mostly rural, accommodation to facilitate folk to get out more and stay overnight in the wilds.

building standards

But this created the strange situation whereby a planner might give Planning Permission for a hut, or indeed a whole hutting village, yet no Building Standard exists to allow such a thing to be built legally in Scotland ! It has taken another couple of years but Scottish Government Building Standards Division, working closely with Reforesting Scotland, have come up with a new Class of building which can be exempt from Building Standards and this will become enshrined in the Standards early in 2017. The new use class will be called "huts and bothies" and will cover buildings up to 30 sqm (interior floor area) plus small sleeping platforms.

good practice guide

A "Good Practice Guide to Hut Building" is under preparation (co-authored by Bernard Planterose) which will supplement the building standard and help designers and builders to comply as well as giving useful guidance of a general nature on many technical aspects. Join the Reforesting Scotland forum "Hut circle" if you want to keep abreast of all developments in this exciting new phase of small scale building in Scotland.